Matteo Spina

Senior Manager – Associate Partner

Matteo is a lawyer, he achieved a full degree in law at the University of Padua, then immediately oriented his practice to the tax law, developing specific experience in the follow up of taxpayers within the phase of the controls, managing the relationship with the tax agencies. He was admitted at the prestigious “Specialization Master in Tax Law” at the Sole24Ore Business School. In the daily law practice he also deals with civil law issues.

Matteo also participated in the Master course “From controls to tax trial” hold by Maria Grazia Bruzzone and is focused mainly on tax litigations. He is a member of the scientific committee of the CeSFI, Centre of Studies on International Taxation Law.

He has specific competences in the field of privacy and data protection and operates ad DPO. He’s also advisor for the Bar of Surveyors and Graduated Surveyors of Padua.
Matteo in addition to Italian speaks English.