Giorgio C. Rubini

Founder and senior partner

He founded QRM&P with Luciano Quarta.
Once he achieved a full grade degree in Economy and Commerce at the University of Bologna, he was admitted at the Bar of Lycensed Accountants and Accountancy Experts.
In 1995 he also achieved the diploma within the prestigious one-year Master in Tax Law at Sole24Ore, being one of the only 30 professionals selected from whole Italy.

He founded an independent accountancy and bookkeeping company, which became one of the most successful in the province of Bergamo, then he specialized into the tax litigation.
His over twenty years experience in this specific field has been developed also through attending to several Masters of specialization, like the School for Tax Litigators and the Superior School for Tax Litigators leaded by the famous Professor Cesare Glendi, achieving the related diplomas cum laude.

This kind of broad experience and knowledge allowed him to elaborate innovative and effective tax trial defense strategies.
Came then the idea shared with Luciano Quarta, to create a legal network specifically focused on tax litigation, which originated the foundation of QRM&P.

Co- founder of the CeSFI, Centre of Studies on International Taxation Law, Giorgio has been a speaker in numerous conferences on tax litigation and courses for the mandatory professional updating of lawyers, among the others,
for the Bar of Lawyers of Milan and contributes in the publications of QRM&P.

Giorgio in addition to Italian speaks also English.